• Anna Hazare ji
    Swami Ramdev Ji


The VISHVA SHAKTI PARTY was formed at a general meeting in Delhi on 18th April, 2012 by a large number of IAC activists and Supporters of Shri Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev. The following points were discussed and debated at length among the participants.

Is there any opportunity for the common people to come forward and join politics which is dominated by people of money power, mussel power and politics on hereditary ground ?

Have the all major political parties of India failed to understand the actual problems of the people, particularly the common man, their pressing needs, their social and national concerns and their genuine aspirations ?

Do the people want change and reforms which are long overdue but find no alternative and they are compelled to vote for a party which they don't like ?

Do we really need Criminals to restrict to come to politics and lead the Nation and do we really need to restrict money power role and role of heredity in politics ?