Mr. Prasoon Kumar Mishra  (Advocate Supreme Court Of India)

Coming from a very humble background, Mr. Prasoon Kumar completed his masters’ decree in Science and Law and is a SUPREME COURT LAWYER by profession. He has vast experience of the socio – economic problems of the society and campaigning for RIGHT TO FOOD for the last several years under his human rights organization“Global Right & Justice Welfare Society”.

He is firm believer of RIGHT TO EQUALITY and TOTAL JUSTICE to all. He helped solving many disputes of people in pre -litigation stage out side the court and saved precious time and money of the people in one hand and offered helpful hand to the court in another hand.

He is a well known HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST and having good experience of working with Tribal people as well as on women’s rights and women’s empowerment. He is one of the pillars of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION Movement, mobilized people for the movement and created awareness against corruption and black money.

He is a great admirer of Shri ANNA HAZARE JI and Shri RAMDEV JI. He is the first and founder President of this party and contributing to this party excellently by his valuable thoughts and vision being one of the chief brains behind the party and main think tank of the party.

Dr.Tarun Kothari

He was born in very small village of Rajasthan, studied in very unfavorable and odd situation, even then most of the time he stood first. In his school and college time he got many educational, cultural and games awards. During college time he was very active in social activity. He helped many poor patients in getting proper treatment.

He is a medical post graduate doctor by profession. Medical profession is not only his profession but his passion to serve the people and humanity. He had also organized various free camps for checkup and for awareness for health in the society. He is staunch follower of SWAMI RAM DEV JI and Shri ANNA HAZARE JI and his team. To increase public awareness regarding corruption he has started a new monthly magazine, “PUBLIC REVIEW”.

He is also a well known social activist, philosopher and patriotic person. He has a good Knowledge of astrology; he loves painting and poetry writing. Playing chess is his favorite game.

He is strongly against the reservation policy as it is against human right, as it is dividing and creates inequalities in society. He is first GENERAL SECRETARY of this party and one of the chief brains behind the party and main think tank of a party.

Mr. B S Bungla

Coming from farmers family from Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, Mr. Bungla is a computer professional working on computer hardware and networking. He is a very simple and humble man is touched by every human heart. Working for the society is not only his nature and work but it is in his blood.

He works for the poor and downtrodden people of the society. He wants to see smile on every once face and for that he is running his NGO “SMILE AGAIN FOUNDATION REG. SOCIETY”.

He has been very active in INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION movement and movement against BLACK MONEY, being the true supporter of ANNA HAZARE JI and RAMDEV JI. He is the first TREASURERof this party and played a vital role in the formation of this party.

Dr.Tarun Kothari

Professor (Dr.) R. N. Singh is an acknowledged, informed and upright citizen of India. Graduating in science stream from university of Delhi, Prof. Singh has mastered in Mathematics, Management and Economics from premier universities of India.

Prof. Singh is an academician par excellence and economist turned a seasoned administrator. Over the past 35 years, he has served in reputed universities and Institutes viz, DU, JNU, IITs, IIMs, AMITY and their likes and held various positions viz, Professor, Director, Dean, Rector/ Pro VC etc.

Dr. Singh who Comes from a aristocratic family, could not remain untouched by the demands of the society and many a times he has plunged into social movements / political activities true to the passion of his parents who participated in Quit India Movement under the leadership of Jaiprakash Narayan and his contemporaries.

Vishva Shakti Party is fortunate to locate him and bring him in its fold to take up its agenda for the service of the population inhabiting the planet earth.